Empowering Dental Community

What is pasadent?

Pasadent is an innovative e-commerce and social mobile platform that connects dentists who are searching for dental resources with other dentists or businesses.

Easy to Use

We make our apps easy to use with minimum learning curve and we believe in today’s digital age, users can adapt with our technology easily.


Dentists can now purchase equipments directly within our Marketplace, find dental courses, connect with other dentists and find dental resources easily.

24/7 Support

Our team is on standby 24/7 on the clock to assist users for any problems, errors or good wishes.

Technology behind Pasadent

Register Courses Directly

Get informed and register directly within the app without any hassle with our integrated secured payment gateway and form builder.

Everything Dentists Need

Buy dental supplies (Coming Soon) and get recommendations for cheaper or better options with our AI algorithm that studies your purchasing preferences.

Connect and Communicate

 Connect with other dentists or specialists with our built-in chat system and pave your way through the professional network within dental community.

Swap Unused Items

Have unused impressions in the box? Bought an extra stuff at the dentist exhibition?
Swap or sell your items among dentists using our Swap Corner

About us

We are a group of early-adopters in the dentistry field. Infused with different kinds of expertise, each of us has contributed our minds and souls to bring this project to life.

Our mission

To empower the dentist community towards greater establishment by a centralised, one-stop centre platform solution.

Our hopes

  • To see a revolutionised dentistry world integrated with modern science and technology.
  • A healthy gapless dental community.
  • Pasadent as one-stop solution for dental community.